Change Can Mixers

  • Like most liquid agitators are vertical configuration equipment with a vertical cylindrical vessel
  • Provided with an arrangement for lifting of the agitator head, mixing element out of the mixing vessel once the mixing is completed, thus enabling the movement of the mixing vessel
  • Some change can mixers have mixing vessels that can be lifted and lowered with the agitator head stationary.
  • Change can mixers may be provided with one or more mixing blades.

The removal of the mixing vessel provides the following advantages:

  • Weighing of material can be accurately done.
  • Cleaning of the mixing vessel is easier thereby resulting in less batch to batch contamination.
  • The packing glands, seals do not come in contact with the material, thereby eliminating product contamination.
  • Multiple cans can be used to enhance the productivity without any down time during material charging, discharge.
  • Because of the vertical configuration, these mixers can be operated at as low as 10 percent of their designed working capacity.
  • Discharge of highly viscous materials from the mixing vessel can be achieved by locating the vessel on a separate hydraulically operated automatic discharge system
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